Don't Give it to a Russian

Ukrainian Sex Strike

While at first glance, this may seem like an ineffective and gimmicky approach to social activism, anyone who has ever met a Ukrainian woman should know that such sanctions, if enforced, would sting far worse than any economic embargoes the United States or the European Union could cobble together.


The PQ wants their own country, even if that country sucks.

Péladeau and Marois share the same anachronistic worldview and irrationality of Vladimir Putin,.

Naga Jolokia

Naga Jolokia : A Most Brutal Attempt at Food Blogging

This pepper has no sense of humour. It cannot be charmed, pleaded or negotiated with. If you were to meet it in a dark alleyway it would not be satisfied with the contents of your wallet, your watch, your wedding ring, your electronic gadgets, because it wants to Fuck You Up.

Gnome Chomksy

A People’s History of Noam Chomsky

006 Feature Image

Gun Statistics Don’t Mislead People, People Quoting Gun Statistics Mislead People

It’s time for gun control advocates to acknowledge that facts and stats are not necessarily on their side, and trotting out the same numbers that yellow journalists do does not win the argument.

002 Palestinian Bodybuilder

The Israeli Weight Loss Program

“The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”


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