Kill Whitey

I’m always surprised, maybe I shouldn’t be, when the ‘alt-right’ cries about an assault on white identity, how so many, even liberals, don’t understand that they are correct.

The desire many of us have to one day live in a post-racial society, or at least a world with far less racism, would require the deconstruction of the white identity, a human invention designed to elevate some and denigrate others. The black identity was created by ripping people out of their cultural contexts and reducing them to units of labour. ‘Black power’ ‘black pride’ and its equivalents among other minority demographics are all attempts to assert dignity in an identity thrust upon its unwilling members through coercion. This is not a double standard. There is nothing inherently wrong with taking pride in one’s Italian, British, or mixed European heritage, whatever it may be; but to take pride in one’s whiteness is the very definition of racism, because it is celebrating the very root of our modern (not inherent) tendency to sort people by unscientific and arbitrary determinations of race and assign them value based on which category they fall under.

Perhaps you disagree, and believe that the seemingly reflexive tendency to fear the Other in human beings, somehow means that racism is inevitable, or “natural.” This is a commonly held assumption among many that is not supported by history.

Perhaps you believe that other races can be racist to white people. They can, but only by using an alternate meaning of the word ‘racism,’ using it in a casual sense and interchangeably with bigotry. Granted, languages are organic and words change in meaning overtime; but to conflate racism with bigotry is to eliminate nuances in meaning. Anyone can be a bigot, but to be a racist you’ll need an entire history of privilege and coercion to back you up.

Most surprising of all, is how many accept the category of whiteness as an inevitability, when only a couple of generations ago their Italian, Irish, or Slavic ancestors would not have been admitted into the category.

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