Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Ladies

1 : Sexy Hobo

2 : Sexy Wall Insulation

3 : Sexy Autographed First Edition Copy of The Rats of Nimh with three or four pages Missing from Chapter 8.

4 : Sexy not-really-in-a-costume-just-getting-a-drink-with-friends-onHalloween-in-my-sweatpants-stop-asking-me-“who-I’m-supposed-to-be”

5 : Sexy Nurse Just Off the Late Shift Covered in a Drug Addict’s Mucus

6 : Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt

7 : Sexy Combination Pirate/Angel/Cheerleader/Devil/I only have one day in the year when I can get away with wearing this skirt, but I’m going to make sure it’s done in a Po-Mo context/Mind your own business

8 : Sexy Gender-Bending Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption after he has crawled through a mile of raw sewage to his freedom because he was innocent all along (SPOILER ALERT)

9 : Sexy Spoiler Alert.

10 : Sexy Top Ten List.

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