Presidential Debates

Instead of 3 presidential debates, they should have 2 debates and one agreement. In the agreement, the final of the 3 events, both candidates have to discuss all the issues that they agree on so that the American voter can discover how little of a choice they really have.

Fun fact : the Commission which supervises these debates is jointly run by the Democratic and Republican parties and prevents any third or fourth party candidates from entering unless they have 15% support in the polls. That means that someone like Gary Johnson, who is up to 10.6% in the swing state of Ohio, and who could actually significantly alter the results of the election, is not allowed to debate. Ralph Nader was prevented by police from attending the debates in 2000 as an audience member, despite having a ticket, and Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate this election was arrested for trying to attend the debate today.

Americans face a classic trillemma : You can be liberal, you can be informed, or you can support Barack Obama; but you can only be 2 of these things and never all three.

Here you can catch CNN’s 8-minute “other” debate in which Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein share that time in explaining their platforms.

4 minutes each is a little generous though, I’d prefer to see Obama and Romney use that time to argue who could kill more civilians with predator drones.

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